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BonziBUDDY on Windows 8.1 Graphical Problems

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    BonziBUDDY on Windows 8.1 Graphical Problems

    I have BonziBUDDY running on my Windows 8.1 laptop and there's this gross and annoying blue box around him. I've seen videos with Bonzi running on Linux via WINE and he also has the blue box around him there, and I'm wondering if there's a possible way to remove it, because it's really really bugging me.
    고마워! (Thank-You!)

    (Please don't ask why I run Bonzi on my computer.)
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    Doubt anyone here can help you here and their website disappeared years ago. You will have to do some googling, their isn't even a forum from what I've seen.
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    Last time I tried Bonzy Buddy, AV's gave all kinds of alarms and would not let me install it.
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BonziBUDDY on Windows 8.1 Graphical Problems
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