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    FTP or No FTP

    I am currently involved in a massive redesign of a large web site of mine, involving moving of images into multiple specific folders, changing links and uploading results onto the host servers.

    To say it has been slow is an understatement. I am awaiting a reply to see if the particular server has a problem.

    My broadband is 150+MB and is running as such.

    I use Filezilla FTP Client (latest ver) although I had used CuteFTP for years, on advice from tech support.

    It will load a couple of images then halt for a while, maybe go maybe not.

    I was searching for answers online and found a comment from 2012 that stated FTP is not just OLD but ANCIENT.

    So, what is the alternative?

    I tried it on CuteFTP which I reinstalled for the purpose, same result - slooooooooooooow!

    I was also told that it is better to use the IP as an FTP route rather than but it makes not difference.

    Apart from the groundwork at my end, it has taken me, off and on, since last thursday to upload folders and still not finished!!!

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    I have tried 4 different FTP uploaders and all are stating the same thing "ASCI resume is unsafe, delete the file first" - what the hell does that mean???
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    FTP is old, ancient is probably a proper term. But the fact remains that it should remain fast. It should run as fast as your upload speed allows.

    It will be faster with a single file (tarball or zip), than a zillion small files...but it should still rip right through them. We use FTP at work and it's certainly no bottleneck.
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    I think they have found a fault and its not my end:

    We sincerely apologize for the continued inconvenience. I did some checking, and it looks like there may be some trouble on the network path back to your IP address, which I found in the logs uploading the files in this ticket:
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    parksie: I work with folders of images not just one or two. Sometimes I only add/take one or two but recently I have been revamping a site which is full of WW2, air, land, sea, usa, UK, German etc. Since I have been with this host (over 10+ years) I have never had a problem no matter how many files I am uploading at once. But, anyway, they think they have found the problem so we wait and see.
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    Does your site server have FTP ?
    If so use theirs.


    That was useful in webtv days for moving files.
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    Godo thinking Dave but already tried it. Found their ftp uploader in the cpanel, but it did nothing????? I got a program from the host MTR or something and ran some tests, sent them the results along with my IP, they did a reverse test and found packet loss at MY end in the cable/connection and a minimal loss at their end. So an ISP (Virgin media) tech is calling in on monday pm, so we wait ..........
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