I volunteer to help maintain a set of computers for members of the local senior center. We have a small lab running mostly Windows 7, one station is running Linux, one is a Mac and the last runs Windows 8.1 with a touch screen.

Yesterday we got a new computer donation and we uninstalled the Windows 8.1 and moved it to the new computer.

It behaves differently and I don't know what happened.

These computers all run Windows with Guest account enabled and the visitors use that account.

Previously, the Windows 8.1 computer had a variety of metro apps on the guest start screen, but after the uninstall/re-install, now the Guest start screen is very minimal with only the most basic things on the Start screen and no Metro apps to speak of (just the Store, IE, File explorer and desktop, if I recall correctly).

That previous installation was originally running Windows 8.0 for a while before we upgraded to 8.1 Update. We had a few of the basic metro apps in guest mode, like Bing, Camera, News, Finance, etc.

This time we immediately ran the update to 8.1 and 8.1 Update and never started up the guest mode until all the updates we made.

It seems that the Guest account behavior has changed quite a bit and we can no longer demo any of the apps in Guest mode.

Moreover, it seems that we would need a Microsoft account for the guest just to be able to install any of the apps.

I'm not sure what changed or why, but it would be nice if we could demo the apps for guests, otherwise they can only use the desktop.

In both cases we had only an administrator local account and guest account - no Microsoft accounts.

Any ideas on how to enable a few Metro apps for guests?