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How to uninstall metro apps

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    How to uninstall metro apps

    How to really uninstall metro apps ? There is "uninstall" option in start screen, when you right click an app, but its a fake one as it only removes the shortcut... There still is a few gigabytes of metro apps files left after all that "uninstall".

    Also, how to remove that silly apps list from app history in task manager ? There is one button inside "app history" tab, but it doesnt work...

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    Did you follow the steps to uninstall the Modern Apps per this tutorial, Option 2

    Apps - Uninstall Modern Apps in Windows 8

    Also: clear app history

    App History - Delete Usage History in Windows 8
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    Yes, all those uninstall options are fake... Whatever people think of technologies or think that they know, technologies are still very weak and very unpolished thing, and all programs in all operating systems left tons of stuff after uninstall, like cache files, config files, registry entries and so on, but what microsoft did with the metro apps uninstall is really low, puting fake uninstall options, that does same thing as unpin...

    And about the app history list, that button only clears usage statistics (which never worked anyway), but that annoying list of apps is still there, and i want to delete that list itself, not only statistics. I know that ms chose windows 8 to be kind of retarded with going "mobile", so i do not expect any simple option to exist, so any dirty hack will work for me.
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    all those uninstall options are fake...
    Agree, does not uninstall anything from pc\os\drive, the mentioned options should rather be called 'hide a few ugly square tiles' :O)

    Here's something that will actually wipe stuff form the drive > Windows 8 App Remover | Free Business & Enterprise software downloads at (and probably many others similar programs available) have used it, works fine (but use it at own risk & peril, as always, backup\image before proceeding with any experiments).
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    You can try to browse this folder.

    C:\Program Files\WindowsApps

    It's a hidden folder, and you need to get permanent access to that folder. If there are some leftovers, you can remove those from the folder
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How to uninstall metro apps
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