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My Alienware 14 problems

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    My Alienware 14 problems

    Recently got the Alienware 14. Itís good I guess, plays whatever game I want at good settings, ultra in most.

    I am encountering a LOT of bugs though, that Iím unable to fix at allÖ especially when the only option is to uninstall and reinstall drivers/software from the dell website.

    Iíve compiled a list of problems Iím facing. If anyone else is facing the same issues, or has found ways to fix even one of them, please let me know!!

    List of issues:

    1. Fn+F5 does nothing. It worked at first, but then stopped working.
    2. Fn+F10 does nothing. Never did.
    3. Alien OnScreenDisplay doesnít work at all. Never worked even out of the box, I donít even know what itís supposed to look like.
    4. Random blue screens including ĎReference by pointerí and ĎDriver power state failureí
    5. A few times, the NVidia GPU wouldnít be detected. I would have to reboot the computer on battery to have it work again.(it wouldnít detect when rebooted while plugged in)
    6. Is this laptop supposed to have a 'free fall sensor' where do I find it in the Device Manager, and how do I check if it's working?
    7. Why do I have so many Local Area Connections? There's like 7 of them called something like TAP-Windows adapter.
    8. Another bigtime peeve: I canít live chat to Alienware Support because my computer wasnít purchased in the US. This is what it tells me when I enter my Service Tag. Am I dumb or does Alienware not provide live support to non-US customers?

    Some probably relevant info:

    My specs: Intel i7 4700mq, NVidia 765M, 80GB SSD Cache, Windows 8.1 SL. \
    OEM Software I have installed: Command Center, OnScreenDisplay, Autopsy.
    I'm using AVG Free and Malwarebytes Pro.

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    yeah sounds like you need to just re install all of your drivers from dells site, also do you have any kind of vitrual machine software installed that would make its own lan connections? did you uninstall any of the oem software? the fall sensor would be a G sensor glued to the hdd probably(like the older macbooks) and will not be seen in the os as its at the BIOS level it might say its enabled in your BIOS though.
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My Alienware 14 problems
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