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Unable to install Asus AI suite 3

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    Windows 8 pro x64

    Unable to install Asus AI suite 3

    Hello everyone,

    I just reinstalled my windows 8.1 pro because of usb driver corruption that occurred due to windows update driver update.

    So i basically installed all my drivers using DRP(Driver Pack Solution) and all went well.

    Then I wanted to install Asus Utilities like EZupdate,Aisuite,usb charger but none of their setup works .

    Whenever I click on setup it starts some asus com services but after that nothing happens no setup screen is popping up it just quits.

    And I am having problem only installing Asus Software other software are installing fine.

    My pc specs are as follows:

    1)Intel 4670 K
    2)Asus Sabertooth Z87
    3)12 GB DDR 3 ram
    4)Windows 8.1 Pro X64

    I already tried enabling and disabling UAC and smart-screen but that didn't affect the setup.exe.

    I tried running all exe as admin that also didn't help.

    There is no unblock button for the setup so it should work as normal.

    I even re-downloaded the asus tools from their website still the setup wont launch.

    I am using Bit-Defender Total security but i even paused protection and tried still the asussetup.exe nothing happens when i click it except starting some Asus service in task manager.

    I tried some solution from asus forums running AI suite cleaner in safemode and re-try installation but still nothing happens when i click on asussetup.exe.

    So I would like to know if any of you had similar problem or know any different solutions

    Thank you for your time .

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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    We have similar systems. Mine is:

    1) Intel 4670
    2) Asus Gryphon Z87
    3) 16 GB DDR 3 ram
    4) Windows 8.1 Pro x64 with Media Center

    No USB problems due to Windows Update.

    No problems installing AI Suite III, though I only install Thermal Radar as the rest of it seems unnecessary at best. Thermal Radar OTOH provides excellent fan control and is very much worth using if you value silent computing.

    No idea what "Driver Pack Solution" is or why you used it. While I've never heard of it nor have any idea what it is, I will nevertheless assert that it's bogus. At best, it's completely unnecessary and can add no value whatsoever. At best. More than likely, it's actively harmful. I don't care enough to find out, because it's completely unnecessary and can add no value whatsoever. At best. Software like that is not worth one millisecond of consideration.

    Especially since you've just reinstalled, I would start over and reinstall Windows again from scratch. Then I would get the latest drivers directly from Intel and whoever else makes your hardware. The drivers on the Asus site are by and large outdated, but they will give you an idea of what all you need. I would not use "Driver Pack Solution" or any other garbage like that. I would not install Bit Defender. In fact, I would turn off Windows Defender's real-time protection, but then I've never had any sort of malware in 30 years of using PCs, aside from, ironically, A/V software whose real-time side-effects rise to that level. I only download reputable software from reputable entities, and I use on-demand virus scans only. Works for me. YMMV.
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    Windows 8 pro x64

    Well first I would like to thank you for your advice.

    I agree not many people like using 3rd party software for drivers but this DRP is not as bad as you think it is.

    And this is the first time i experienced such problem.

    My previous windows installation it worked fine and there also i installled DRP,bitdefender even then asus ai suite 3 installed fine.

    So you can't really say its because of this 3rd party software you used its not working.

    And yea my windows defender is already disabled.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    Do what you want, but somehow we're getting very different results out of similar setups. Is it due to basic practices or something else? I don't know. What I do know is the most recent Windows Updates didn't take out my USB ports, neither the USB2 ports I use for my keyboard and mouse and colorimeter and iPod Touch and Bitlocker USB key, nor the USB3 port I use for my dual SATA dock. I should have mentioned that I don't install drivers from Windows Update, and I turn off automatic updates, so I can at least give a cursory look at what's going to be installed after initiating a manual update. I find that to be another good practice that's served me well for as long as Windows Update has existed.
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    Windows 8 pro x64

    Yes I agree with you I was really careless during windows update thinking let it do what it does always.

    Next time i will make sure I see what is being downloaded during windows update and manually select which are needed.

    As for now i really want to install Ai suite 3 somehow really need those cpu fan controls .
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Unable to install Asus AI suite 3
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