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VLC or alternative video/audio player

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    VLC or alternative video/audio player


    I'd like another video player as the default only plays in full screen mode and doesn't allow you to run other applications at the same time.
    1) Does VLC play video's in a non-full screen window?
    I see there is a VLC player in the Windows store however it says it's 'an experimental port for the WinRT platform'.
    2) Should I install the above version on a Windows 8.1 64bit laptop?
    3) Any other recommendations of video players to use?

    Thanks in advance

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    Even though "modern" apps initially open full-screen, it is possible to run more than 1 app at a time. Depending on the size of your screen you can run 2 or more apps simultaneously. Try dragging down the top of the screen with your finger (touch) or by clicking and dragging down with your mouse and when the app shrinks to a small window, drag it left or right. You'll see that it will "snap" to use only 1/2 of the screen.

    You can run the standard desktop version of VLC or even Windows Media Player as non "modern" alternative media players.
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    Why don't you try CCCP? It's a codec pack, but it installs flawlessly (it won't include useless codecs like K-Lite) and Media Player Classic is bundled. At least for me it's the best, fastest and most reliable media player.
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    Thanks for the suggestion TheFireRed.

    strollin, you solved my problem for me. I have a touch screen, I had explored the window with the mouse, but only when you suggested it I found I could adjust the video screen through the touch screen. Awesome - thanks
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    This VLC version that I'm using for my windows 8.1 on Asus vivo tab t100 and It's all good.
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    Hi there.

    VLC works fine - in Windowed mode too as well as full screen. I haven't yet seen a codec it can't handle, you can also use it as a STREAMER to remote devices and it has facilities for adjusting sound / video /subtitle etc. Plays all commercial DVD's whatever region and Blu Ray can be done too - you'll have to google for how to do that as the methodology might be illegal where you are.

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VLC or alternative video/audio player
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