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windows says folder doesnt exist..huh?

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    windows says folder doesnt exist..huh? I ordered a bunch of music off amazon tonight with their new amazon music program..3 albums.

    I went to move the albums from their download location to the proper music folder..and it gives me a 'item not found' error... I go 'ok..wait..what the frak? I'm staring at the bloody thing!'

    so..I try to delete the folder...nope..same error.

    rebooted, tried again..nope..same response.

    uninstalled the program, tried again...*bzzzt!*

    I have never even heard of this.

    edit: found a similar problem here How to delete 'Item Not Found' and followed the steps on the link brink posted which took me here Folder - Delete from Command Prompt - Windows 7 Help Forums

    followed the directions and its still telling me 'item not found'


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    Hey mate,

    Did you already try the program Unlocker to see if that may be able to remove it?
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    tried to download. avast flagged it as major bad juju and didnt allow it to download.
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    gonna try to briefly override avast. question, do I need to keep this installed once its served its purpose?
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    It's a false positive.

    You might see if you may be able to use FileAssassin instead.
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  6. #6 wont even let it download.
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    Oh my. How about from in Internet Explorer?

    Sure you could just leave it if you like. It's not hurting anything other than taking up hard drive space.
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    edit: unlocker got blocked by both chrome and avast and just now firefox.

    new post:
    file assassin no go.

    I'm not seeing any other anomalous activity here..its only the one folder, can I just leave it as it doesnt appear to be causing any real harm?
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    I got on teamspeak with a few gaming buddies who both do IT work and they took me through command lining the sucker, its in and good...I've changed the directory where amazon music downloads to, I dont want nothing going in that folder now.
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    I got the music out of the no space taken up, changed the folder to remind myself not to use it..see what happens over the next few days.
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windows says folder doesnt exist..huh?
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