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RE: Win 8.1 will not complete apps install from MS store

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    Windows 8.1.1 Pro with Media Center

    Will continue onward and, of course, if anyone has other tips or suggestions, I am more than open to receiving them.
    Once you get everything fixed, make a system image with Macrium.
    It'll save you a lot of headaches.

    Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download

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    WINDOWS 8.1

    Don't know if it will, but I went into control panel and took screen shots of what programs Dad has installed. Maybe that will give someone a clue that will help?

    I couldn't figure out how to do it in just 1 screenshot I've got 3. Sorry
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    Quote Originally Posted by terazbox View Post
    oh Hippsie, what display driver do you have on your acer?

    Just wondering if you've ever encountered problems with your stuff on that one?
    On my phone at the present, so I don't know specifically, but it's a generic MS driver for onboard Intel graphics.

    That's a lot of programs and browser addons. Mostly HP bloatware. Did this thing come with 8.1 on it?

    You mentioned Malwarebytes. Is there other AV on it?
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    WINDOWS 8.1

    I believe Dad's came with 8.1 already on it because when he 1s got his and I first saw it, it was different than our HP, which only had 8 on it.
    And I tried to upgrade to 8.1 on ours but that was a disaster, for some reason, so we ended up reverting back to 8, another mess and I said heck no, not again. My acer came with win 7 and once I get that all back up and running, I am not going to 8 and with the HP, not going to 8.1

    Not unless I have a really awesome computer guru sitting by my side the entire way, LOL. And several bottles of Excedrin triple extra strength migraine and a case of a mountain dew. Then, I might consider it.
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    WINDOWS 8.1

    One question that I've come up with is this: I'm currently working on my Acer after reinstalling 7 on it and working thru a tutorial as to how make sure everything is nice, clean and happy.
    Is there a similar list of things to work through for both my Dad's desktop and my HP laptop?
    Thanks so much.
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    I take it your dad's problem was resolved? If so, how?

    8/8.1 are pretty much maintenance free, although I run CCleaner once a week. It's a more controllable disk cleaner. It'll run Windows Update, Defender, Defrag, and CheckDisk on it's own. I check on it after Patch Tuesday to make sure it is. It hasn't skipped a beat.

    Latest CCleaner Version Released

    So far as personalization goes, I'd go through "Change PC Settings" in the Charms Bar with him for starters. There's some forum threads here on some.
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RE: Win 8.1 will not complete apps install from MS store
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