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can i install apps from apps store with a local account?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edwin View Post
    That's correct, that is how you'll be signing into each app separately but you will need to sign OUT of each app separately as well if it applies, and sign OUT of the Store each time as well.
    Go to PC Settings/Accounts/Your account to check your type.
    thankd Edwin
    and if i forget to log out , what can happen ?
    could change to a microsoft account ? and i will loose my local account


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    No, it will remain a local account, but I would suggest to make it a habit to sign out for security reasons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drugo View Post
    i did exactly like your tutorial
    i have installed 1 app Sign into each app separately instead (not recommend)
    but now in store when i want to install an app it doesn't ask me
    Sign into each app separately instead (not recommend)
    If you have followed the instructions, when logged in with a local account and you install first app from Windows Store and enter an email address, that email address will now be used for the Store App (Windows Store is just an app as any other app), so further downloads from Store do not ask any email address.

    When you then run apps you have installed from Store, and if the app in question needs an email, you will get this dialog for each app:

    Click image for larger version
    (I changed the language to Italian to get screenshot in your language.)

    To be sure I am giving valid advice, I installed Windows 8.1 Update 1 to a virtual machine using a local account. I then went to Store and installed one app and tested this one more time. As I have told earlier, at this point (installing first app from Store when using a local account), it gave me the option to switch to a Microsoft Account or to sign in to each app using a separate email.

    I selected separate email and installed the app. After that I installed a few more apps, Store did no longer ask an email because the email I had given when installing the first app was now connected to Store App. Launching the installed apps first time, I always get the dialog as shown in screenshot above.

    I can only repeat: If you follow the instructions, launching any newly installed app the app shows a dialog asking if you want to switch to Microsoft Account or select a separate email for each app.

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can i install apps from apps store with a local account?
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