I know lots of programs list current connections of Net-active programs, including a column for remote host, but I have been trying in vain to find a program that gives an actual history of down/uploads, showing the remote host for each event. I used to get that in the logs of Outpost Pro firewall, and it was extremely useful. Then I changed over to Comodo Internet Security, and that has no such facility - though one used to be able to tell the firewall to log specific events, and theoretically thus could get it to log just about everything - but that was a very laborious and piecemeal approach.

A few years ago I did find a program that does this quite well, though I can't remember its name now, and it came from Moo Software, which appear not to exist any more - and I haven't found a copy of the installer of that program in my various relevant backups. I use NetBalancer, which gives an excellent Net traffic history display, but the one thing it lacks is any indication of remote host. Process Hacker likewise gives a very informative Net traffic history display, but again, no remote host is shown except for current connections.

So, does anyone know such a utility currently available, which would work in Win8.1 64x? I don't want unfriendly technical displays or command-line utilities, but something that gives a neat and readable display with columns for date/time, local program involved, amount uploaded / downloaded, and of course remote host, preferably where possible resolved from the IP address. It would be SO helpful! -- Thank you.