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Program Crashs or hands when typing

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    Program Crashs or hangs when typing


    For long time now I have been using the below program for my web designing and it has worked perfectly up to and including Windows 7. I just got a Win8 laptop and now the program crashes or hangs whenever I start to type I get maybe 1 or 2 characters out and then it hangs.

    I saw a similar post in the Win 7 forum but there was no final answer or solution and it was posted quite some time ago. The only response to the user was to check the Event Viewer. So I tried that and the below is what I got back but unsure what to do with this info.

    Also bear in mind I am using a now no longer supported version of this program I even tried mailing them and they refuse to do any sort of update. So the software people won't do anything to try and resolve this issue so that is why I am hoping I can fix the issue. And the newer version stinks so refuse to use the newer version.

    I love this program and that is why I have used it for nearly 15 years and would rather not lose it is possible!!!

    What can be done to get this fixed so it won't crash when I type???



    This is the program

    the info I got back from Event Viewer stated

    - Provider
    [ Name] Application Hang
    - EventID 1002
    [ Qualifiers] 0
    Level 2
    Task 101
    Keywords 0x80000000000000
    - TimeCreated
    [ SystemTime] 2014-06-10T16:30:45.000000000Z
    EventRecordID 15593
    Channel Application
    Computer Computer's name

    - EventData
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Arachnophilia\arach.exe

    Binary data:

    In Words
    0000: 006E0055 006E006B 0077006F 0000006E
    0010: 0000

    In Bytes
    0000: 55 00 6E 00 6B 00 6E 00 U.n.k.n.
    0008: 6F 00 77 00 6E 00 00 00 o.w.n...
    0010: 00 00 ..
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    How did you install the program? I tried to connect the site you mentioned and my browser could not find it
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    yeah mine timed out also as I noticed the tab showed timed out after I posted but was the EXE file I downloaded. Was a copy I had from my Win 7 system but worked perfectly on Win 7. I also tried downloading a fresh copy in case it was corrupted but same thing crashes or hangs when I type.
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    If no Windows 8 version available, try to install the exe file in compatibility mode.
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    Yeah there is no Win8 version as it was discontinued some time ago. Until 8 it ran fine on 98, XP and 7.

    I tried compatibility mood but didn't work I also tried as admin and didn't work either

    Honestly though I have never been able to get compatibility mood to work for me on any past program even Microsoft games that have gone funny on me just due to time and OS changes
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    Perhaps some other free web designing software may suit your needs, have a look:

    Best free web design software: 10 programs to get the job done | News | TechRadar
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    I've looked and for the moment am using HTML Kit but this program I posted on is one I have used for so long because I love the ease of use it offers. So reason I was hoping someone might have a clue as to why it would freeze up when doing something as simple as typing when I can clearly type fine in other programs such as mail and browser and such. Has to be some reason for this happening!
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Program Crashs or hands when typing
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