I've had a weird issue pop up. I'd imagine it is a settings thing, but no idea what.

When I first got my Lenovo T440s it was set so that the window below the mouse cursor was where scrolling would occur, but the active window would not change. So, I could have a Word document on the left half of the screen and be typing in that (active window), and then have the mouse cursor on the other half of the screen and scroll through the other word document with the trackpad. This made things really convenient because I didn't have to keep switching the active window back and forth.

Now this is no longer working (at least with Word documents). I can have the active window on the left, and position the cursor over the right half of the screen, and the window on the left stays as the active window until I do something else with the mouse (like scroll). Then the window below the mouse becomes the active window. Oddly enough, this is only an issue with Word (at least that I've noticed). I donít seem to have this problem with pdfs, Firefox, etc.

Any idea how to fix this? I updated some drivers/programs recently (in the last month or so), so my guess is it is somehow related to this. Problem is I don't recall what was installed. Or maybe there was an automatic update of Office.

Any ideas?