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Ventrilo Audio Lag

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    Windows 8 x64

    Ventrilo Audio Lag

    Hey all,

    So I installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview x64 (IMO better then Windows 7 so far), however I'm having one problem that might force me to go back to Windows 7. I installed Ventrilo x64 and am having an audio lag issue. By "audio lag" I mean then I join the server, everything is fine, but if I don't keep vent in the foreground running, and other people talk, their key-up light turns on but I cannot hear anyone. Then anywhere from 5 secsonds to 10 minutes later, all the audio from that silence is said at once. I googled the problem and saw a lot of people having this problem on Windows 7, but none of their solutions are working on Windows 8.

    Here is what I've done:
    Launched vent as admin,
    set ventrilo.exe to realtime priority
    launched vent in compatibility mode.

    I'm assuming Windows 8 is not giving vent the processing power it needs to run the audio, or something is grabbing control of the output and not letting vent use it. If anyone has a solution to this problem (or the same problem I have), please post!

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    win8 consumer preview (win 7 originally)

    Im having the same issue, i haven't tried running any solutions aside from uninstall, and manual removal of all vent files, then reinstall, which provided no help at all. still get the lag. people can hear me fine and on time. but communication to me is lost for ages.
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    Windows 8

    I'm having the exact same problem. It only happens on Windows 8 as well and I can't find a single fix for it on the internet.
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    This was an issue when Windows 7 released. Give Ventrillo time to fix it. They are generally pretty good about fixing it in a timely manor.

    In the mean time, have you tried the Windows 7 fix?

    Ventrilo - Fixing Windows 7 Sound Lag Issues

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Ventrilo Audio Lag
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