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Effect of Revo Uninstaller on Registry

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    Effect of Revo Uninstaller on Registry

    i want to completely remove an application from my system i was recommended Revo uninstaller i googled about it and it says it make or delete some changes in computer registry i just wanted to know is there any bad effect of this software (revo) computer on registry if i use it in completely uninstalling the conflicting software

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    It is one, if not the most widely used and praised uninstaller out there. Programs leave behind junk in the registry when you uninstall them, and revo attempts to remove that junk, as all uninstallers do (some better than others).

    The trick is, sometimes an uninstaller can mistake an entry for another program, and remove it, doing anything from making a computer completely unusable (rare, and you would need a very bad uninstaller for this scenario), to making it unstable.

    Revo is very trustworthy, and comes with different options on how aggressive you want it to scan the registry. I choose the most advanced option, and haven't ever had problems. Others have had problems in the past, so no uninstaller is fool proof. It gives you the option to backup your registry, I believe, in case anything goes wrong. That way you can just restore it and you're back to normal.

    I use it on all my computers at home and work, and never had a single problem. Never had to use another, because I fell in love with Revo.

    Hope this has been helpful
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    It also creates a restore point in case something goes wrong.
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    Only problem I ever noticed with Revo, even on most aggressive cleanup settings is when it uninstalls a program with 2 different versions of it. In that case it might remove settings and/or files shared with both versions and leftover one stops working. Sometimes, some files can't be removed if it's service or parts of the program is running at the time but that's mostly because of that particular program's uninstaller which Revo runs first and then chases leftovers. Revo can also put "Install with Revo" in contest menu so installing thru that gives Revo more data about that program and can uninstall more cleanly.
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    Whether the program is Revo, or Ccleaner, both remove entries from the registry.
    After years of using Revo, I find that it is better to leave a few orphans behind than to use a registry cleaner, which Revo is in reality.

    I have since had much better luck with my machines after not trying to maneuver with the registry. I have had a lot less work to do from errors these programs create. Revo is pretty good but every once in a while it makes a mistake.

    It is highly debatable but if you play it safe and not use programs that remove entries from the registry, you will be fixing your pc a lot less.

    I was a bit neurotic about the remnants removed programs left behind but it's better than reinstalling or recovering images.

    I know a lot a people will weigh in defending the integrity of Revo and Ccleaner but it is up to you how you throw the dice.
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    Registry became much more resilient since XP days, no need for too much cleaning, defragmenting and compacting is not needed any more. Ccleaner does not "clean" registry, it can not do what Revo does after program uninstall, all it does is to find and remove unlinked entries. It also can't get rid of files left over after generally lousy uninstallers of some programs leave behind. Some programs intentionally leave fragments behind, in registry as well as files on disk or do not return shared files to previous state. That disk clutter is more serious than registry items. Leftover startup items can also make a mess as well as eventual system service ( which AV programs almost regularly do) and than one is left wandering why another AV does not want to install.
    All this and more is good enough reason to use a proper uninstaller program even if there was some ( very slight) chance that it might remove something that it should not. I stick with Revo Pro all this years because it never gave me any trouble apart from occasionally not being able to completely remove all the files but that I would chalk up to erring on the caution side. Never I personally witnessed when it screwed up something. Closest I came to that is that someone heard that his brother's friend heard of someone Revo ruined something.
    One of safest programs of that type, I'm sure. At times I install revue and uninstall 10 or more programs a day. One caveat though, do not change your mind half way in uninstall process or some stuff is not going to be removed and that may spell a trouble. As with all other programs you have to know how it works and how to use it, just blindly pushing buttons during installation, work with it and eventually getting rid of it would not do.
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    I have used revo for years and years and i look very carefully at the bold registry links and if it dont have my program name in it i leaver i there a little com and since tells you if your program names is not ware to be found in the reg link its not meant to be removed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyB View Post
    I have used revo for years and years and i look very carefully at the bold registry links and if it dont have my program name in it i leaver i there a little com and since tells you if your program names is not ware to be found in the reg link its not meant to be removed.
    Common sense always goes long way. Nobody else can now your exact circumstances and needs.
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    Yes Revo can and does do damage to the Registry. I don't install it anymore.

    The reason is that I used it for removing some Driver software for an external USB device. The driver for which was giving problems. Bad move, Revo caused damage to the registry that actually prevented installation of the driver at all.

    The decision about what entries were safe to delete was quite obviously flawed. There was no way of finding out what links there were with the entries and making a safe decision.
    The Restore points did not work, this often happens with Windows a well known thing. Just when you need to use a Restore Point it fails to work.

    Eventually the reason for the driver problem was worked around and it worked on the next Windows install.

    Revo is never going to be installed again even if the entire world 'recommended' me to do so. How can they possibly say it's safe for me, no way. I learned my lesson.
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    Well, I'd never rely on restore points. The only thing that let's me feel safe are system images made by a third party application. This way I can always restore my system if anything is wrong. According to me system restore points are only one thing, a waste of disk space.
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Effect of Revo Uninstaller on Registry
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