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Weather app not accurate?

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    Lol! Yeah > The most accurate way for weather conditions is to step and look outside.

    Yes, it depends on how often the weather stations synch and how often the app synchs on the device. My live tile does indeed update, but I don't watch it to see how often. I see there are three sources Bing gets its weather from. I would imagine they use one of those services' servers to feed an account. I also would imagine the apps and tiles synch at every hour interval.

    There are other weather apps in the Store.

    Weather is not an exacting science. The only thing guaranteed is that it'll be outside.

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    I noticed something while messing with this yesterday, the current temperature is always the same as the forecasted low for the day in question, so if the hi/low is 70/47, the current temp will show as 47. It also changes along with the forecast low, so it seems it's a problem with reading and displaying the wrong data on the app or the location they are getting the data from.
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    Time of the day is not right either, i think its few hours late, 8 AM still shows completely dark with the Moon shining and I'v been up 3 hours already and sun shines beautifully.
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    I marked it as solved because today it is working properly for some reason. If anyone else has this problem, just wait like I did and it will magically fix itself, or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CountMike View Post
    And you trust weathermen ? They can't predict yesterday's weather.
    Agreed, even if the app were functioning, would it be that correct?
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Weather app not accurate?
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