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F.lux: automatic setting adjusting light based on time

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    F.lux: automatic setting adjusting light based on time

    Hi all,

    I found that f.lux is really helpful to your eye when you look pc all day.

    However, I found that the light setting doesn't gradually change according to time.

    For example, at noon the setting is at the highest peak. So there is different light setting across the day time.

    It would be good for night if there is automatic setting for light gradually set to the lowest at midnight.

    When this happen, the word and picture look totally different and the nothing come out from the blue colour. I might as well go to sleep and continue work tomorrow.

    Is there a way to set a few setting and when the time come, f.lux change the light setting? It may not be fully gradually change but at less there is different in the light setting than have it all same all day.

    All help is appreciated. Thanks

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    I remember I've used this a while back and that the options do have a setting for a transition. However, for night mode there was no transition after the sunset was reached.

    I've also tested Redshift. They have Windows versions too; drawback: the settings go in the command prompt if I remember correctly..
    Redshift (software) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    What you need is not setting day/night but max/min and let's say that midnight is min, the transition should begin with midday -> max (around 6500K) and evenly going to midnight (lowest, let's say 4500K).

    Back to F.Lux, there has to be an option with 'Long Transition' ON/OFF and even specifying how long that is (if possible set the transition to half a day) but in any case some testing might be required until you get it working the way you need it.

    Good luck.
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    I was thinking of getting it to work by .reg and scheduler (actual name of the software) at the background.

    Is that a good idea? Please direct me to some website.
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F.lux: automatic setting adjusting light based on time
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