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Trouble deleting a CD ripper

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    Hi there

    Before installing anything take a backup -- decent backup programs only take around 15 mins or so to backup your OS -- especially (as you should) keep the OS and PGMS separate from USER DATA such as Music libraries etc.

    Then restore if the application doesn't work.

    Far better and safer than all these uninstallers / registry cleaners etc etc

    Too much FREE software comes with either hobbled bits (the bit you want -- "Go PRO" (i.e PAY) or toolbars or adware or installed via using a "special installer" or a combination of all of them.

    I don't mind people earning money but conditions should be clearly stated -- not installed as "sneakerware" or making the downloads so hard to find within a mountain of Green download arrows for other software which seems to happen on more and more sites.

    I'm very careful now as to what freeware I use on Windows -- mp3tag, handbrake, treesize free, Calibre, and VLC are probably the only Freeware I have on Windows now.

    If you do need decent freeware use proper sites such as ORACLE VBOX / VMWARE VMPLAYER or the like -- be VERY careful now when you download anything from other well known public sites -- it's not that they are dangerous in themselves but they seem to be designed deliberately to confusing the downloader into downloading all sorts of stuff and making the original piece of software you want almost impossible to download without a whole load of other addons. Sites like CNET are experts in that type of approach -- I wonder how many people have accidentally downloaded AVS video converter plus a whole slew of other things or Ilivid etc.


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    If you look at the displayed programs in Revo Uninstaller Free and there are some not being shown, most likely they are the 64 bit programs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fireberd View Post
    If you look at the displayed programs in Revo Uninstaller Free and there are some not being shown, most likely they are the 64 bit programs.
    I have a Pro version for long time now, don't remember any more.
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    Jimbo -

    Thanks for the advice. I totally agree - I don't begrudge anyone from making a living but it is so unfair to load it with crap that is semi-hidden. I do appreciate being able to try something before buying but I tend to distrust software that is free. The only exception that I've found is mwsnap (as important to me as air) and, like you mentioned, handbrake and treesize.

    I have a real knowledge gap when it comes to backups. I do restore points on a fairly regular basis and I constantly copy files from my laptops to an external hard drive (actually two, because I have trust issues) but have never done a backup - I guess because (1) I don't really understand and (2) someone told me once that if I backup or do a system image and my hard drive crashes, I wouldn't want to use that backup or image because it could be corrupt. True or not, it was all I needed to ignore what seemed to be a complicated process. Maybe I should change my thinking. Is the backup software built into Win8 sufficient or is there something better out there?
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    I do several kinds of backups. One is complete system backup with Macrium Reflect. This one is done when Windows was fresh, all proper drivers installed and Most essential programs like MS Office, only ones I trust. Another system backup once every two weeks of the system in working order but everything else installed. With that one I only replace the older one or do incrementally. Those ones are just for system (boot disk), For other disks containing data (I never keep any data on system disk), The most important (and expensive ) programs I have ISO backup of on 2 HDDs and some, if I don't have original CD/DVDs of, I make those too. In addition to that I have serial numbers for them written in a book and keep original disk wrappers for them.
    Precious pictures, scanned documents, music etc I have separate backup for on a removable HDD and DVDs, some of them on two.
    Hope this doesn't look too paranoid, but some stuff can't ever be replaced. My internet is just too slow for now but if it gets much better, some of that stuff will go to the cloud somewhere too.
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Trouble deleting a CD ripper
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