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    O.k. i have posted this issue once before, thought i corrected it and found the culprit.

    Files are being written in a hidden folder C:\Users\Public\Recorded TV\TempRec\TempSBE
    They can be as big a 2GB.

    At first i suspected Hauppauge WinTV tuner card i have in the system. But it turned out this was not the cause of these files being written.

    Turns out from research it is Windows Media Center doing it.

    Temp.SBE, SBE standing for Stream Buffer Engine, which allows you to pause LiveTV. They should be in the Recorded TV\TempRec\TempSBE folder which are hidden file.

    Question is how to stop this process and what other effects would it have on Windows Media Center if i do ?
    I thought it had to do with WMC downloading possibly TV Guide updates.

    Anyone has a clue to how to stop it, i saw one thread that said to check here in Registry :
    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\Service\BackgroundScanner\PeriodicScanEnabled

    And to make the DWord 0 = disabled 1 = enabled.

    For one i can not understand when i go to this folder i find nothing in it at the time the 2Gigs are taken and i do have folder option settings to show hidden files and folders.

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    You must allow viewing of hidden protected system files as well to see the content.

    I don't know how to stop it but you can move where the data is stored by changing the default TV recorder storage location.
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    You mean uncheck " Hide protected operating system files" ? Right ?

    Forgot to mention how i see these files since they are hidden was i use TreeSize Pro .

    I read an article about changing the directory to a thumb drive to store these temp files, but then i would have to always have this thumb drive in the usb port constantly, to me it seems not the right way i would like to do it.

    When i reboot these files clear from the directory they were in, as i see it using TreeSize Pro.

    Still would like to figure a way to stop this process without uninstalling WMC which i do use for TV and FM Radio on PC.

    update: i unchecked Hide Protected system files, saw the files then, deleted them, but did not show a gain of the 2GB until i rebooted as usual.

    This from what i found out is this exactly, Windows Media Center Live TV Buffer, buffer for pausing Live TV.
    At default it is set to, 30min.

    BackingFileDuration the "default" is 300

    Setting BackingFileDuration to "600" will give you 1 hour

    Setting BackingFileDuration to "900" will give you 1.5 hours

    Setting BackingFileDuration to "1200" will give you 2 hours

    This can be changed in the registry. But i do not see a way of disabling this function permanently. It maybe that it can not be, which is a flaw for WMC, to me.
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    O.k., this topic has been solved.

    Spoke to Microsoft and about these files being written to this hidden folder,TempSBE are due to WMC.

    Seems from what i understood is they write these files for pausing Live TV, like a DVR, but it does it ahead of time i notice before i even watch Live TV.

    This happens everyday on my PC, 2GB's in this folder and no way of deleting them even if i uncheck "Hide Protected System Files " in folder options.

    Although when i reboot they are gone, but eventually re-write.

    So if i want to have WMC i just have to learn to live with it, not such a big deal, but a flaw in this software i felt, not being a way to disable it. Except for a reg. tweek i came across online, but wasn't sure i wanted to attempt doing this.

    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\Service\BackgroundScanner\PeriodicScanEnabled

    Make DWORD

    0 = disabled
    1 = enabled

    Thanks for looking..............
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