Hi there -

I'm still new at this stuff -- I need to burn a physical DVD (standard) to play a movie.

Original DVD was blu Ray HD The Hobbit -- an unexpected journey.

So I did the following - which took a bit of time.

1) De-DRM'ed / de-crypted and de-regionalized so got a Vanilla ISO (around 8GB). Used AnyDVD for this.
2) converted to mkv with Handbrake to full 1080p format -- around 2 GB
3) added Icelandic subtitles from opensubtitles.org as srt file.
4) convert BACK to a DVD ISO using convertXtoDVD
5) Burned ISO to standard DVD with IMAGEBURN

Seems a long process for a single DVD --any way to do this quicker -- the target PHYSICAL DVD device (older player) plays 1080p (upscaled) but can't handle BLU Ray so I'm using standard DVD+RW (4.7GB_ DVD's which play on it quite nicely and the machine can upscale).

I normally simply rip to mkv / mp4 and stream to my TV -- but I need to create some physical DVD's for people who can't do this and I'm surprised at the amount of steps required for something that should be quite easy.

Any better solutions around -- these people live right out "in the sticks" where streaming High quality video isn't an option.

Spending a few hours doing this reminds me back in the days of installing things like WORD for WINDOWS (Windows 3.11) with 37 floppy discs and getting an I/O error on the last disk !!!!.