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OneNote Not Listed in Windows Store

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    OneNote Not Listed in Windows Store

    I recently subscribed to Office 365, which includes OneNote 2013. Then I decided to go to the Windows Store and try that version of OneNote, however I can't find it listed. This particular machine is running Windows 8.1 Pro with the recent update. While looking in the Windows Store, I listed apps installed on another machine running the also running Windows 8.1 Pro, but OneNote is not listed as installed on the second machine. So I fired up the second machine, to see if OneNote for Windows Store was installed, and sure enough it is installed.

    The first machine has Office 365 installed, while the second machine does not. It appears as though I can't install OneNote 2013 for Desktop and OneNote for Windows Store one the same machine. Yet I very much want to try the two versions side-by-side.

    Does anyone know why I can't install OneNote from Windows Store on this machine?

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    Paul Thurrott's supersite for Windows seems to indicate that you can freely download it now from
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    Onenote should be already on your computer, by default. I am not 100% certain, but I think you need to be logged in with a MS Live account.
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    pparks1: The link worked! The link took me to which has a Windows Store link which works. Yet searching directly in Windows Store produced no results. Must be glitch in the store?

    FWIW, the two machines are the same physical machine. The first is a BootCamp parition on a MacBook Pro running Windows 8.1 Pro with the recent update. The second is a Parallels VM running the same Windows version, but hosted by OS X. The VM has better Windows 8.x trackpad gestures support. The BootCamp installation is geared towards desktop use with all 16 GB RAM available.
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    ^ Unsure if it's a glitch in the store, or if they have simply removed it from the store at this point and made it available via the website.
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    OneNote is not a Modern/Metro Store app and remains a Win32 desktop application, so it would not be in the store. However, puzzled also as to why it would not have installed for you.
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    For whatever reason, Hippsie, This picture is from a brand new, uncustomised, install I made two hours ago. Made from the full MSDN ISO, 64Bit. 8.1.1

    Click image for larger version
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    I値l assume that a Pro edition, Dave. The Modern/Metro version you show there must be included in the 8.1 Pro edition. I知 assuming, mind you.

    My comment was quite trivial and once again I知 wrong. OneNote is indeed in the Store, however it is the Modern/Metro version. I知 also running 8.1 Pro and thinking that as they presently write the Modern/Metro Office suite they may be including the ones that are finished such as OneNote in the Pro store, but a fee in lower editions of 8.1. It is like a step-daughter-kind-of app in Office suite.

    When they池e completely finished with the whole suite it they値l stock it in the Store. Perhaps they値l sell individual apps of the suite as a selling feature, but free in certain future OS editions. I知 wondering if these apps will work in conjunction with other MS apps such as Mail, Calendar, People, OneDrive, etc. do via integration.

    Sound like a good sales plan there, Simon?
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    FWIW, OneNote now shows in the Windows Store, that is AFTER I installed it. But I didn't really intend to use the Windows Store version, but will likely use the desktop version instead. Just wanted to compare the two side by side.

    That said, I'd plan to convert some mind map notes into OneNote outlines. Or perhaps import some notes from EverNote...
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    (Chuckle) Go figure!

    Is it a Modern/Metro version?
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OneNote Not Listed in Windows Store
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