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Excel ......erratic ERROR

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    Excel ......erratic ERROR

    Hello,Background: OS Win8. Office 2013 I have installed recently MS Office 2013. I like it very much. Suddelly i started with the inability to open existing Excel files double clicking on them. The program opens, not so the file. It apperar the message: there was an error sending the command to the program.I tried several fix without results, So i uninstalled Office using the MS specific FIX for that. Rebooting and re installing Office.Now it happens the following: after the first reboot of the day (PC off by night) i get the same error message. retrying the second time the files open regularly for all the day, until i turn the PC off. The morning after the same.Any suggestion?Many thanks. HAPPY EASTER !

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    Happy Easter to you as well.

    I'll try to help, but have 8.1 with same Office though.

    Seems Office cannot find file path on first try.

    Are you storing the files on the same drive?
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    Thank you very much.

    YES, in the same drive.
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    Could be that it's a File Explorer problem rather than Office. No recent problems with that program?

    You store in default My Documents folder then I take it?

    Is OneDrive a part of W8 yet? Had 8, but upgraded to 8.1.
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    NO problem so far with OS. I checked with SCANNOW. It is OK

    YES in the default position My Docs.

    No One Drive is not on my system.

    Thanks for your efforts
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    Try this fix: "There was a problem sending the command to the program" error in Excel

    It worked for me when I encountered the problem last year.
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    Hello Strollin. I did it before re-installation. It did not work for me. Now the case is different, the error only appears at the first use of the day of Excel, only.
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    You're quite welcome, geomazo.

    Thanks for that, strollin.

    I would try strollin's solution first since he has first hand experience. If by chance it doesn't work try this, although strollin's solution with the FixIt probably fixes this.

    "Cannot find the file" error message when you try to open a workbook by double-clicking the .xls file
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    I realize it is upon first try that you have the problem. What could block it at first is surely a mystery.
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    I just followed Strollin's suggestion. I run the FIX IT and I rebooted. Right 1 min ago.
    The Prob. is still there
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Excel ......erratic ERROR
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