I've been encountering some grey areas I'm not able to solve related to OneDrive and it isn't for a lack of trying. What I've been trying to find is the documentation describing OneDrive and how its architecture specifically interacts with Windows 8.1 and Office 2013.

The default in Office 2013 is the save to OneDrive by default. If logged in to a MS account, the path for the save appears to be a local drive (User name's OneDrive >> Documents >> Etc )) but is the familiar address: https:d.docs.live.net/fc**. An online connection is required in order to save or retrieve. What is the benefit of using this method - saving to the web and then having the file sync down to ones computer? Will the file be saved locally or what determines if the file is saved Offline?

Alternatively, one could save to the local machine's SkyDrive directory. Online access not required. The files would sync up at some point in the future. Yet this may significantly delay the syncd updates to the other linked machines and also places a risk of concurrent modifications to a file before the sync can occur. In my test OneDrive didn't warn me that the file had changed before allowing me to modify it. (I haven't downloaded the Windows 7 SkyDrive desktop addon for file sharing in the hope that this may be fixed in Win 8.1.1).

Can anyone point me to the documentation on the design of OneDrive and Office 2013 or explain how these were intended to work together cohesively with network and local saving? I really don't think they could have made this any more confusing for someone like me that needs to understand the process in order to trust it.