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Photoshop Elements 11 Very Slow to Open Files on Desktop

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    Photoshop Elements 11 Very Slow to Open Files on Desktop

    Out of the blue today when I opened PSE 11 and then tried to use it to open a file on my Desktop, it went to sleep. Task Manager showed it "not-responding". Rebooting the computer did not help. After a couple of tries, I waited for 2-3 minutes and it then displayed files on the desktop. I switched the location it was searching, which was Desktop to my photo folder, and everything started working normally. Closed and restarted, and it was fine opening files from my Pictures folder. But, when I switched it to Desktop it went to sleep again for 2-3 minutes. At one point it got a message, which I forget exactly, but basically saying it could not find the file it was searching for??
    It seems unique to the Desktop location. The Desktop is part of the operating system (Windows 8.1), and on a SSD. The Pictures folder is on my HDDs. Any thoughts on what is going on? I don't recall making any changes to the setup.

    Summary of the symptoms:

    1. Only is slow with File, Open, or File, Open As, when the location is the Desktop
    2. Operating system (8.1) is on a SSD. Normal file folder is on HDD.
    3. Same actions when location is Pictures on HDD is normal.
    4. Process Explorer does not seem to detect any activity going on during the "sleeping" mode

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    OK, I think I solved it. It turned out to be unrelated to my Windows setup or the recent Windows 8.1 Update 1, but it did force me to clean up my desktop. Now all empty except for the trash can... I use WD My Book Live to back up my hard drives on all computers on my home network. It includes a Cloud storage feature which I do not use. Part of the installation is a link to the service which gets installed on your Desktop by default. WD have been having problems with this Cloud service and have been sending me e-mails, which I never read as I don't use it. Somehow this link got corrupted or pointed to a dead location. That appears to be what was freezing everything up. Interesting that it only appeared to affect Photoshop Elements, and not Open Office, or File Explorer. The cure was to delete the corrupt link.

    Thanks for the help provided.
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Photoshop Elements 11 Very Slow to Open Files on Desktop
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