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Remove Photos app

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    Remove Photos app

    I am having a lot of trouble removing the Photos app.

    I can not see it listed on the start screen, but if you right click on a photo or video there is the option to open it in the Photos app.
    It is not listed in powershell (Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers) and no apps listed in powershell could be removed as I had already uninstalled them.
    It is not listed in Parental controls.
    It is not listed in Add/Remove Windows features.

    I need to remove or disable it, hacking the computer if necessary. I can't gain access to Program Files/WindowsApps even though it says that I have read access to that folder. So I can't see if it is there.

    The purpose is to remove the ability of one of the accounts to play videos.

    This is in Windows 8.1. I believe that in Windows 8 Photos could be uninstalled or parentally controlled.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    OK I found a hack to solve this.
    The program is at:
    Deleting this file (take ownership then add full control privileges then delete) creates an error when the user tries to open a photo or video with it.
    Nasty hack but it works.

    Silly place to put it. Photos should be a normal app. MS should have some internal rules about the dividing line between OS and apps.
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    Welcome to Windows EightForums, CSMR.

    Good that you found a way. I was searching for an answer, but you beat me to it.

    MS in their quest to create a "walled garden" approach has not allowed uninstall of some of the Microsoft apps in doing so. A somewhat controversial subject, however some of these apps are tied in or to the system, such as the Photo and Video apps tied to File Explorer. Somewhat of an extension the way I understand it.

    Again, welcome and good luck.
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    You likely would have found it on the All Apps screen, that's where it is for me. There is no uninstall option though if you right click it, so you would have had to do what you did to remove it anyway. The other way around it is to open Default Programs in Control Panel. Then you could switch the default to something other than the Photo App.
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    The 'Photos' app is somehow tied in with the 'File Manager' app, (aka 'OneDrive'), which is why it's in the same folder and does render complications when making changes to them.
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Remove Photos app
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