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Question about the music app

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    Solved - Question about the music app

    Hi this is the first time I've ever posted on this forum so sorry if it's posted in the wrong place or named incorrectly. I really appreciate any help.

    So I'm running a new clean install of windows 8.1 and after listening to music with the metro music app.i find it very annoying to have to go back into the app to see what song is playing or to fast forward etc. My question is, once I exit out of the app to the desktop or a different metro app is it possible to keep the bottom pane with the information(song name position in track rewind play/pause fast forward and volume) visible on the display?

    If this is not possible does anyone know another third party alternatives that can do a similar thing? Thanks guys.
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    Not sure about a third party way of doing it

    The default way to do this in Win 8 is to pin it to the side of the screen

    If you are on the latest update of Win 8, move your mouse to the top to display the title bar, then at the far left is a little icon of the music app, click this and you get an option to pin left or pin right, this will permanently show a smaller version of the app on screen

    you can then have desktop in the other part of the screen

    move the vertical slider to resize, think the smallest is 1/3 of the screen
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    I use Windows Media player for audio - it is pretty good. Windows Media - Microsoft Windows

    There are plenty of other alternatives like VLC etc also which others prefer. Mostly the Store Apps are pretty poor alternatives.
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    Thanks guys
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    if you move the mouse over the task in the taskbar, you'll see controls and a thumbnail preview of the app:

    Click image for larger version

    if you have a touchscreen, it's a mere swipe between the app and the desktop program. or a mouse click away if you don't like hovering the mouse over the task.
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Question about the music app
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