Legacy Access 2000 runtime application installed on Windows 8. All fine and dandy except when I tried to install an update of the application. The update is automatic, the back end mdb is restructured and then the front-end mde is replaced and linked to the back end mdb. But when it came time to run the new version, the old version of the mde kept getting executed instead. At first I thought there was a problem with the install, but all checked out okay. Then I manually performed the update, and manually replaced the mde with the new version. No matter what I did or re-did, the shortcut used to open Access and run the mde kept executing the old version.

I then deleted the mde file. Opening the shortcut STILL executed the old version of the mde, even though it was now in the recycle bin!

I copied the new mde into the folder. Opening the shortcut STILL executed the old version of the mde!

I renamed the mde, then changed the shortcut to use the new mde filename. FINALLY now the new version executed! I renamed the mde back to its original name, changed the shortcut accordingly, and all was finally OK.

Can someone please explain what was happening and how I can avoid this in the future?