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Problem with either the Photo app or Windows Phone app

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    Problem with either the Photo app or Windows Phone app

    This is very frustrating for me.

    I purchased the Nokia Lumia 925 Windows Phone for T-Mobile. When I needed to move files from my PC to the phone I used two methods: the first was the Windows Phone app for the Desktop because it allowed me to add folders for my pictures. The 2nd method was through the Windows Phone App in the Start Screen because I could choose to add songs individually. The point is I added a folder in my computer to my phone that was a sub-folder of Pictures. Not the pictures folder, but a sub-folder within the pictures folder.

    Now I open up Photo gallery and only that folder shows up. The same with the windows photo app. Only the folder (the sub folder in Pictures) shows up. I cannot go "up" anymore. That's the root folder. The only other alternative i get for the photo app is Skydrive, which isn't even relevant here.

    So why doesn't Photo Gallery or the photo app recognize my pictures folder? Did the windows phone really mess up my PC like that because i can't reset it. I tried uninstalling the Windows Phone app for desktop, windows phone app (metro), and photo gallery. Still when i open the photo app only the folder that i synced last time shows up.

    I cannot re-install the photos app because it doesn't allow me to uninstall it anyway. And what's the point of the metro apps if they don't even have updates? I just wanted fix because there shouldn't be a problem with something so simple. It's not like i'm using incompatible devices. Windows phone + windows computer should be compatible.

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    Hello, RaulR2071. Welcome to Windows EightForums.

    I have a Lumia 1520 that I use along with my 8.1 PC. Just to let you know off the bat I would surely experiment and duplicate what you did to try and help, but I donít want to mess up my system. Also, I have it configured to save my pics of the phone on my phone's SD card.

    Can you see all the original folders along with the one you made in File Explorer? Thatís where I believe everything would be managed for any apps to use.
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    I would not mess with these apps. You never know what they do. I attach the phone to the PC with the OTG cable and copy/paste my folders to my MicroSD card in the phone. That works perfectly and I find on the phone what I pasted on my MicroSD card. Then I access the folders with the Pocket File Manager.
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Problem with either the Photo app or Windows Phone app
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