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Cannot Tagg Mp3's in 8.1-64 bit, No matter what program.

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    Cannot Tagg Mp3's in 8.1-64 bit, No matter what program.

    The reality is starting to set in with this new build of mine. I have an extensive music collection. One pet peeve of mine is seeing an mp3 that looks like this. 03-broken_bells-holding_on_to_life. My Preference would have been Holding On to Life~75 Bpm - Broken Bells. Obviously I'm not ripping from a Cd... but I should be able to change the tag. I've used MP3 Collector for the last 14 years. I've moved to Media Monkey 4.10 over the last couple years in XP. Now with Windows 8.1 64bit, it looks like I can't make any changes to any part of the tagging. I tried it in MP3 Collector 2.3. After filling all the information I get an error box "Could not write to file. This may be because the file is read-only." Click oK same screen over and over. Only after clicking on the X does the box disappear and of course no changes in the tag information I spent 6 minutes adding. I want to add what I want into tags. Media Monkey has the same problem. I spend the time in properties tagging... and nothing ends up happening to the tag on the saved file. I tried Mp3Tag... and again its not changing anything. I think its a Windows 8.1 problem. Something won't let me save the changed tag. Can anyone help me here. I'm sure I won't get anywhere with Microsoft. I certainly got no where with Mp3 Collectorz as you can see by the answer I got from their support team. I guess I'm going to have to contact media monkey support... I can see where this is going. Can anyone help me? Maybe its something in Windows that is preventing tagging. I have tried doing some searching on google but nothing I've found is helping even in the compatibility, administrator modes. No One else uses this computer. The only thing I can see me doing is doing my editing, saving it, then putting it back on the XP computer and then do my tag editing and putting back on the this 8.1 machine. All the programs work normal... its just the tagging rewrites that I can't get working.

    "Welcome to support.

    I'm sorry to say but MP3 Collector will not run under 64 bit.

    Not even in compatibility mode.I have no solutions for you to try, the software will not run.With kind regardz,Sytske"

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    Ok... I found the answer, no help from the support team at MP3 Collectorz. I actually found the answer by looking at a tagging program called Mp3 tag pro. It is a Windows setting problem. I'm not a technical guy so bear with this answer. I have 5 extra harddrives on my new computer. Each one needed to have permissions to be reset. Heres the steps, the answer to taggin.

    Go to This PC
    Right click on the Drive
    See Group or user names - All the users in that box.
    Under the Group or user names is - To Change persmissions, Click Edit
    Click Edit Box to right
    This gives you Permissions for Authenticated Users.
    I saw that "Allow" Full Control needed to be set on all the users in first box.
    After Allow was checked for all the users I click on apply and then OK
    This changed to FULL CONTROL Allow with Checks in it.
    Double checked the Group or User names to make sure all the users showed Full Control Checked.

    Then I did it for every Hard Drive I added to this new computer.

    Now tagging works in MP3 Collector and also MediaMonkey. What a Relief. I hope this works for everyone. Mp3 collectorz support was NOTHING. Please don't email them a fix. They don't deserve it. I helped them once in 2006 that solved a problem with HP Collections software that created a major problem with Mp3 collector. Now this!!!! Let them solve their own problems. No More. I like their program but I can't embed Image Album art to the file in their program. That why I also use MediaMonkey which I can.
    Funny thing... I'm not by any way a technical person with software. I do have common sense if I can see it somewhere an then think it out. I was looking at MP3tag Pro and they solved the problem in problems with windows 8. mp3Tag Pro and Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1
    I modified their 1. answer and found the answer. Thanks to Mp3pro... Maybe I'll have to take a look at their program.
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Cannot Tagg Mp3's in 8.1-64 bit, No matter what program.
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