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Disable new titlebar in Modern Apps

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    And choices you can't disable....

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    Then they are NOT choices. If you can't choose not choose choice what is it than ? So, if I dont have to choose a choice, do I have a choice to choose, is it a chosen choice or there is not a choice to choose ?
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    Nope, they are not choices.
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    If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

    Some of it you can turn off. Got to Taskbar properties and uncheck, "Show Windows Store Apps on the taskbar". That will turn off the auto hide taskbar for Metro Apps. It won't turn off the upper title bar though. If there is a way to turn those features off, given time somebody will figure it out.

    EDIT: It looks like I should have finished that first cup of morning coffee before posting. I completely missed what thread I was in when I posted.
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    Microsoft: You want freedom of choice? Here you are: freedom from choice.(with apologies to Devo)

    Another thing I just noticed. The 'Modern' style title bar is strongly reminiscent of Windows 3.1, isn't it?
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    Microsoft just can't please anyone. Myself, I can fly through metro on keyboard shortcuts. I have no use for these mouse-friendly tweaks. But, they don't impact my work too substantially, so I'm fine. I've learned not to care when Microsoft makes changes anymore.
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    Contrary to popular belief, the Start Screen and the Modern UI is INCREDIBLY well setup for keyboard navigation. You can quite literally move around with the keyboard VERY easily as there is a keyboard shortcut for everything and a few ways to navigate around.

    I have no use for the "mouse friendly" tweaks either. It's kind of useless to and I'd rather not see them. Don't really understand why clicking and dragging down an app is too un-mouse like when you click and drag a window pane around on the Desktop...
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    Authorandrew and Cokie > A big

    When we think about it, the mouse was actually developed for pinpointing a spot on the screen, e.g. on a radar screen, map, or technical drawing. MS developed one for Word in DOS for ease of moving the cursor. The Xerox Alto was the first to use it in a GUI via icons to navigate. I’m sure you all know the history. Of course keyboards have come a long way also.

    The mouse is very slow IMO. For computer novice navigators really. Very rare that I have to use it. Mostly in IE is and CAD programs is all. Why on earth they didn’t make keyboarding easier in browsers I’ll never know. It’s a waste of time and motion to move my hand off the keyboard to reach for a mouse, then move the pointer to whatever, then click. I can get it performed with a keyboard a lot quicker. The only peripheral quicker is the human finger via touch. Can we consider a finger a peripheral? Lol.

    I can see where “keyboarders” were probably better at adapting to the Modern/Metro than the “mousers”. Navigating Hot corners, Charms, Power User Menu, Start Screen, etc. is much faster with a keyboard. Chuckle > I have my Start Screen memorized so well that when I push the WinKey I just count the key strokes of either right or then down, page down > arrow keys sequence, or end key > arrows sequence. I can do it blindfolded. Used to do it with the Start Menu, but that was a lot more keying to get to an item. Besides that, the Start Menu didn't give me the info that the Start Screen does while I'm there.

    Drag and drop or X-close will never ever be quicker than Alt/F4. That was so in any previous OS.
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    I set mouse pointer to go from side to side of the screen with about 30 degrees of mouse movement, so getting quickly to any place on the screen takes a little movement. As my hand sits on the mouse most of the time it's easier to use mouse than to go to keyboard and specially to remember tons of shortcuts for it.
    For people not used to fast mouse movement or having to use mouse more precisely there are mice with switchable resolution so it can be used in all modes.
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    So has anyone been able to figure out how to disable this?
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Disable new titlebar in Modern Apps
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