Hello, I hope I am posting this in the correct section, if not I apologize!

Back in December I purchased a Lenovo hybrid laptop, a Yoga 13. It runs pretty well, I sometimes have minor issues like the touch screen not immediately registering but nothing has ever kept me from using it.

I do have something that's more of just an irritation than a problem. On Youtube videos, the buttons are incredibly small. It's near impossible to read the time or click exactly on one of the buttons. Is there a way I can make this buttons larger? it's similar in Facebook apps, they're just very small. I've tried the CTRL and + shortcut, I've tried Firefox settings and computer resolution settings. I've been unable to make any of the buttons larger or make the apps fullscreen.

Is there any way I can change the sizes or is this something that cannot be changed? Here is a screenshot of what I see: Gyazo - c95400a459e6ae15ada0af36f83ff0d9.png

Thank you for reading!