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Win8 CMD window instantly closes - Can't read results

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    Win8 CMD window instantly closes - Can't read results

    Hi all, I am trying to run CoreInfo.exe to see if my processor supports Hyper-V before paying msoft for win8-pro, but win8.0 slams the CMD window shut instantly.

    I have searched and tried all suggestions but still it flashes open then closed.

    Failed: Elevated command prompt
    Failed: CMD [enter] coreinfo.exe -v
    Failed: Set Run as Administrator
    Failed: Set Compatibility to 7, XP, Vista
    Failed: CMD /K CoreInfo
    Failed: CMD /K Core info > core.txt = Redirect output to a text file

    It seems like Coreinfo is appending an "Exit" to the command line command string. About right for the inept msoft programmers.

    Any thoughts on how to stop this long enough to read the output?


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    Check with: systeminfo (built in OS)

    The easiest way to check if your computer/procesor is supporting SLAT is to execute in cmd: systeminfo .
    At the end of the results there is a section "Hyper-V Requirements" which is showing 4 elements. All of them has to be "Yes" in order to install Hyper-V on Windows 8 (there is a SLAT element too).
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    I downloaded coreinfo, unzipped it, then opened a command prompt, changed to the folder containing coreinfo, typed coreinfo -v [Enter] and got the results in the Window straight away. Not sure how or why you're using CMD at all.
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Win8 CMD window instantly closes - Can't read results
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