My girlfriend is trying to put her thesis together at the moment and it has fallen to me to try and make Endnote and Word play nice. She needs to create a separate bibliography for each chapter in her thesis, as well as one at the end containing them all. Endnote is oddly the only reference manager I found that allows this. To do this, you place a section break at the beginning of the following chapter, and in theory, the bibliography for the previous chapter appears above this. In a simple test document, with two chapters and two citations in each, this functionality seems to work fine. In her 300 page document with 9 chapters and hundreds of citations, it does not.

The bibliographies are created and displayed in Outline or Draft View, but if you look in Print View, then nothing is visible. Worse, everything after the first chapter disappears from Print View. By seemingly randomly deleting some stuff around the bibliography after the first chapter, I can sometimes make the bibliography for the first few chapters appear. When they do, the bibliographies for each each section are inexplicably placed in a frame, which takes up one page, with all the references squashed into this frame (which if all displayed would take up several pages). Removing this frame allows the bibliography list to expand.

I realise this is difficult to explain clearly, but the main question is, what factors could lead to parts of a word document not being visible in print view? What could make all parts of document following a section break not visible in print view?