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restrict software

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    restrict software

    my problem is the error restrict operation When I open the software!!As the attached file.Click image for larger version
    error talk us :this operation has been cancelled due to restriction in effect on this computer.please contact your system administrator,while the my system is administrator,second well, it worked
    more explanation:
    1-software is for apply GO(game online) as CS(counter strike)
    2-I search to web but they can't help me,Example:change registry(DL file of microsoft) or reset browser and set default program
    So,I dont know what to do!?

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    Windows Server 2012 R2 / 8.1

    Hi S152,

    Welcome to the forum

    Does the same thing happen when you right click the exe and run as administrator?

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    Hi friend
    yes,i do double click on exe and right click the exe for run administrator and also i clicked on exe and \properties\compatibility\(compatibility mode) checked me run run this program compatibility mode for:win xp3(sp3) and vista and win 7\(privilege level)run as administrator checked and ok so i run ,but my problem is not solved.
    i read in web that my problem is family safety but i did not do this never,in addition this problem appeared spontaneously because well, it worked.
    Thanks for your answer
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restrict software
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