Hi, some 2 weeks ago I had problems with my Facebook App in Windows 8. Now this is the only App to give me problems since installing Windows 8 on day one of it's issue.
I tried the 'App Repair in the App Store' to no good. I posted the fault in this Forum and unusually received no help, normally help is forthcoming quite quickly.
I also reported the fault to Facebook and within Windows fault report and once again no help received to date. Finally I uninstalled the Faulty App (Not for the first time I might add) and replaced it with the Facebook Pro App and all working fine. The only fly in the ointment been that this App displays Adverts. Hopefully either Windows or Facebook will get round to correcting the faulty App but in the meantime I'll manage with the Pro version.
I list the above as others may be having the same problem and being left without a solution.
Hope this helps.