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win8.1-64 bars my old checkbook .exe from installation

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    Quote Originally Posted by CountMike View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by BoStone View Post
    Thanks Strollin for the link
    No thanks Strollin for all the defense of MS - a guy as smart as you isn't really missing the point of my problem (shared with MANY others) - you either work for MS (paid/volunteer) or hold a butt load of their stock (although that might be a good idea with their new annual fees coming on line + XP going off line). Your attempt to introduce emotional reactions, personal insults, derailing the focus of topic, wrestling with those offering friendly help does indeed align you with the dark side of MS - the profiteers. Go find another forum topic for your fights, your politics have become a bore and your solutions a loose side car normal users would not trust after being burned by MS.

    If anyone else is reading this that is a normal user, let me make my point crystal clear.
    With all those brains, money, power we are told there's no more Compatibility mode for years of data stored on software - that MS does not support/produce. Even their own Quickbooks offered a Timesheet, then not (data wiped out going forward, even looking back), then Timesheet appears again (finally got it right or at least less time involved servicing it).
    THIS is what high IQ businessmen offer to their clients. Pirates do not.

    Goodbye, Strollin - take your bad days, bad news, insults somewhere else
    from now on, you'll be called MSkissAss
    A bit harsh on Strollin I think. Some of what he said (as far as I understood) is a very common thinking and a bit uninformed, that's all. I don't know how long he is into computers or what's he doing with them but some of us that had been into them for ages (I started late 70s) have seen all that coming and going all the time. Same stories, same problems wherever you turn. Compatibility problems with HW, and software with each change and not with MS only. Ever wandered why for instance, Linux, did not become most popular and used OS and it's free too ?. From version to version, from a distro to distro, almost nothing could be "mixed and matched", support is on enthusiast level and continuity almost unknown of.
    Sure, MS is a business and a huge one too. It's not abnormal that they are here for money and would do all they think is good for business including pushing stuff for profit. Except, not all the things they do are good even for them. Right now a bit of good PR is sorely needed for them. A bit of compatibility would not bankrupt them for sure, even if they lost a bit on selling new Quicken and what not, knowing that they can be relied on to support what they sell could go long way for people having more confidence in their products.
    CountMike, just so you know, I have been working in the computer industry in the Silicon Valley since 1975. I do not work for MS nor do I own any MS stock. For some reason, BoStone and to a lesser extent, you, seem to be missing my point. It's not so much that I wish to defend MS, it's just that BoStone's ire is pointed in the wrong direction. It is typical for those that don't understand the tech world to rant that MS screwed them over when, in fact, it wasn't MS at all that caused the problem. I used the example of the 20 year old printer drivers because I have seen many rants blaming MS in that regard when it is actually the printer mfr that the person should be upset at but they attack MS because they don't know any better.

    In one of your earlier posts you asked why doesn't MS provide support for 8-bit or even 4-bit software and correctly stated that the line needs to be drawn somewhere. You and I have no idea as to how or why MS decided not to include support for 16-bit software in their 64-bit OS so can't assume that they did it purely for monetary reasons. It could be that they felt that since their 32-bit OS supported running 16-bit software there was no need for that support in the 64-bit version. It could be that since one can run that 16-bit software in a VM on the 64-bit system they felt that was a good alternative. It may be that providing a 16-bit and a 32-bit and a 64-bit layer caused the OS to be too bloated and effected performance of the 64-bit side.

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    Once upon a time I had an Atari ST computer and on it there was an adapter to ad Apple BIOS chip and make it in a bonafide early Mac but there was also a DOS software emulator that run DOS better and faster than a 8088 or 8086 PC. Even now there are emulators for Atari, C64 and other ones from that time, wander if there was an emulator for 16bit windows applications, that would be a real life saver for cases like this. I'd bet that somebody from MS could make something like this and maybe just let us download it if needed if they are afraid it would clutter normal windows too much.
    That solution would be much more elegant than to have to use VM and whole other OS that goes with it. What's happening here is evident lack of incentive by MS to backtrack on some staff but a big incentive to make "new and improved" new standard. That not only helps them sell new software but also indirectly help make and sell new hardware and that in turn sells more Windows and that sell new software and so ad infinitum. All that makes them more of a regular business than true innovators and industry leaders they once were while Billy was in complete charge. Balmer was just a salesman with no real ties or expertise in IT and from such a person you could expect things like that. Sel, sel, sel and for tomorrow we'll see. Now when Billy is back I hold much higher hopes for at least near future.
    Now I must say some nice things about MS so I don't end up being one sided. There is greater compatibility with Win 8 than there ever was. I'm sure Widows could be made much "leaner and meaner" if it wasn't for backward and future wise compatibility built in. Managed to install it on a surprising variety of HW, for which even compatibility test said it couldn't be done. Yeah I know, we must go forward but occasional look over the shoulder never hurts, After all, if you don't know where you are coming from, you won't be able to see clear path forward.
    Personally, I would like to see windows devoid of all the extra staff, applets, programs, IE etc. specially Metro apps but slightly modified Modern Ui can stay the same way I use it now, just a lunching platform for ordinary desktop programs.and all this would make smaller footprint. That brings me to criticism of Modern Ui which everybody was attacking but were happy to fill everything up with stuff like "Rainmeter" just to get away from Start menu.
    So everybody sees something else in any picture, let alone OS and there should be no hard feelings when criticizing it.
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win8.1-64 bars my old checkbook .exe from installation
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