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Trouble with Video Editing software

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    Trouble with Video Editing software

    I'm coming to the end of my rope here. Win8.1 32bit OS.

    My audio/video editing needs are relatively simple, yet I only seem to find programs which are insultingly simplistic and don't offer the functions I need; needlessly overly complicated, or they do not work just right and are literally frustrating to use.

    I am in need of a video editing software. It has to not have the 4 main problems that I keep running into, which all of the ones I've tried have to some degree.

    1. Output file sizes:
    If I import a video which is 87mb, my output options shouldn't all be several hundred mb's or a few gb's. Why can't these programs just import and output files which are like-for-like? If I'm cutting parts out of the video, then the resulting file should be just under 87mb. If I'm joining two equal sized videos together on a timeline, then the resulting file should be 174mb (the total of the two 87mb source files).

    2. Output video resolution:
    If my input/source file fills the entire screen when played in full screen, then I don't want my edited file to fill-up a much smaller area in the center of the screen with large black borders around it, and sometimes the loss of visual quality is huge. Again why can't they just do like-for-like? Windows Movie Maker is a swine for doing this.

    3. Quick seeking on the timeline, ability to 'cut'/'split' video into pieces easily:
    Some programs are hard to quickly move through the timeline as the movie is playing in the preview area (I believe this is called seeking, I may be wrong). This can be usefull if you're trying to find a specific point in the video without blindly clicking the timeline at random. Sony Vegas 9's always gives me issues when trying to do this, by not allowing me to seek properly, or jumping my arrow to the start/end of a clip and I have to start seeking all over again.

    Only the old Windows Movie Maker had 'cutting' correctly in my opinion, as it was an easy button to press on the preview window, instead of having to right-click the timeline at just the right spot, or go into the File,Edit,View menus every time you want to cut a part of the video.

    4. Ability to separate audio track and manipulate it:
    I have a downloaded video, and something is seriously wrong with the audio. Not only is it out of sync with the video (which in itself I could probably fix with some faffing around), but it's also decreased in speed. Media Player Classic lets me increase the speed again, but there is no way to save the audio track as such, and I haven't found any other audio/video editing software that would let me increase the speed of the audio.

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    Get Sony Vegas Pro 11 or 10 (i think they both support 32 bit, but not sony vegas pro 12)
    i personally recommend this as i use it myself
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    Does Sony Vegas 10/11 solve the issue I had with Sony Vegas 9 regarding seeking the timeline? How about the other 3 issues I have with video editors in general?
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    Well i m not sure about that cuz i am currently using vegas pro 12.
    well, few other good alternatives are adobe premire pro or adobe after effects cs6 , Final Cut Pro etc
    well regarding the other 3 yea i guess they would be solved
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    I think the two Adobe products are x64 only. At least in CS6 which is what I have. Isn't Final Cut Pro mac/apple only?
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    Sony Vegas 11 has the timeline seek problem, and file save options are ridiculously complicated.
    Although I selected 'match project settings', I could not save the imported .mp4 as a .mp4 output file. The option was '.m2ts' or 'all files'. Even trying to manually type .mp4 yeilded a file called '.mp4.m2ts' lol.
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    Try Cyberlink Power Director i used to edit with that be4 , it is not that bad and it supported 32 bit on my old laptop. So , u can give it a chance. +its very easy to use
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    Sony Vegas is a very good software, but u'll have to wait for years for the render speed to get over with.
    I'd personally recommend Adobe Premiere if possible, its better than Vegas more options and double times lesser render speed.
    And if u want to add professional animation Fx to your movie Adobe After Effects is a must, u can do almost anything with it XD

    Source:- 4yrs experience in video editing
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    Lol thats what i recommended
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    Just double-checked and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 + Adobe After Effects CS6 are both 64bit only programs. Unfortunately I have a 32bit processor.
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Trouble with Video Editing software
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