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Programmatic Windiows Explorer stop and restart

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    Programmatic Windiows Explorer stop and restart


    My question is how to properly restart Windows Explorer from a program I wrote.

    I wrote a program that run as Desktop with Windows 8.
    After the program is started, it automatically Quit Explorer.exe (finding the PID and quitting/close)
    and all is fine. Before my program will be quitted by the user, I want to restart the
    Explorer.exe. It works but I get error message when trying to use the restarted
    Explorer with APP in the Metro/modern UI.

    From what I understand, reason is that my program is running as administrator and
    when re-launching Explorer.exe also Explorer.exe is runned as administrator and this
    do not allow Metro APPs to be used.

    I observed that when restarting Explorer.exe using my program it get the BUILTIN/ADMINISTRATORS
    as OWNER, while if restarting within the task manager it is as DENY.

    Is there any way to tell Explorer.exe to run as BUILTIN/ADMINISTRATORS DENY and overcome the issue?

    Thanks for the attention and hints.

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    I don't know of a simple way of doing this.
    While are you killing the explorer.exe process at all?
    Normally it would be highly inappropriate for a program to do this.
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Programmatic Windiows Explorer stop and restart
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