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What Media Player Do You Use?

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    [UEFI] Windows 8.1 Pro

    What Media Player Do You Use?

    What media player do you guys use? I'm looking for a media player that plays both video and audio files, has a library/database to organize media, and you can search for a file using the library. So far I've been using Winamp and it's been working pretty good for me so far. I'm just wondering if anyone else uses something else.

    VLC maybe? It doesn't seem to have the library features I want though...

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    Have a look at J River Media Center, very well regarded. it can be customised to exactly how you want to show your media, powerful database options etc, and when set up correctly probably the best audio engine available.

    You can download a 14 day fully functioning trial, would suggest you look at there forums and wiki as it can be a bit daunting when first setting up.
    JRiver Media Center software
    INTERACT FORUM - Index (their forum)
    Category:Frequently Asked Questions - JRiverWiki

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    [UEFI] Windows 8.1 Pro

    Thanks for the suggestion! J River Media Center looks pretty cool. I'll post back in a few days once I play with this program a little more and test its features.
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    What's wrong with WMP. That has all the features you are looking for.
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    Media Monkey I have used it for a few years. Music part is best I have used. It is very good at organization.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    - Windows Media Player as default music player,
    - VLC Media Player for DVD's
    - custom offline folder is my library
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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    1. WMC for Recorded TV and only Recorded TV. (As I use CableCard, it's the only choice.)
    2. XBMC for video library.
    3. PotPlayer is the default player for video files, the one that is launched when I double-click files in Windows Explorer. I used to use VLC, but PotPlayer is far superior. (NB: PotPlayer does phone home when started, so you might want to block it in your firewall. However, looking at it in WireShark, I didn't see anything to be concerned about.)
    4. iTunes for music library. I also have XBMC set up for music for those rare times I want to use the 10' interface.
    5. foobar2000 is the default player for music, the one that is launched when I double-click files in Windows Explorer.

    You can probably tell I find no advantage in using one player for everything, and in fact find the exact opposite to be true. My Windows 7 Music "Library" is empty due to the inability to keep WMC and WMP out of it. In fact, I nuked all the Windows 7 libraries except for Documents.
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    Windows 7 HP 64bit, Windows 8.1 Pro w/Media Center 64BIT

    I use XMBC for everything and works great.

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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64 / Windows 7 x64

    I used to use Winamp for this and it is excellent, lightweight, and customizable. VLC doesn't have Media Library functions but I wish it did. I know there are some side projects to implement this but I haven't tried any. Windows Media Center is also decent but a power user would probably go to XBMC, Plex, or Media Portal.

    BTW, if anyone is looking, my FAVORITE all-time Music Manager for tagging, ripping, organizing, etc is Helium Music Manager. Been using it for years to properly tag music. It is music files only though. I actually don't mind separate apps for music and videos as long as they are EXCELLENT at what they do.
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    Windows 8.1.1

    Media Monkey
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What Media Player Do You Use?
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