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skype reaching excessive memory use after couple hours

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    skype reaching excessive memory use after couple hours

    ok, as the title suggests, ever since skype updated to 6.14, I've been seeing excessive ram use after only a couple hours.

    so..I devised a simple test, I closed and then relaunched skype to free the ram and then timed it.. after 3 hours roughly.. heres the ram consumption by skype...

    the only things that have business seeing that kind of ram use are games(starwars the old republic can reach a gig and a half's consumption before win8 starts shedding non essential items from the cached memory), flash games, streaming videos, 3d modelling programs, and a few other things I cant think of off the top of my head.

    that said..thats grossly excessive use there.

    its not a virus, its not malware or spyware, I've already scanned for that...twice, using extensive scan options.

    I cleared my message cache, reset IE as I know skype uses some of those settings, uninstalled and reinstalled skype.. past nuking my current os install I've got nothing left to throw at this.

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    Re: excessive memory use - Skype Community

    user morgenblue came up with a quick and dirty workaround but really..that is NOT fixed..
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skype reaching excessive memory use after couple hours
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