Hi there
Anybody use SKY GO on their computers -- I find it works fine on W7 and even W8 but it doesn't always work on W8.1 -- some machines --fine, others -- no way. Same software (Windows 8.1 Enterprise). SKY GO won't register the computer even though there's NO devices already registered and the device limit hasn't been exceeded.

I've been trying to get this stuff working on a few colleagues computers - based in UK so it's not a licensing / out of area issue.

SKY in their usual "helpful selves" say W8.1 isn't yet supported -- but it certainly works an several machines such as HP and ACER. With LENOVO and DELL it just fails to work at all.

Anybody else have issues with this.

(Works fine on Android tablets and phones - it's only on PC's where there seem to be an issue).