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Customizing stock calendar app

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    Customizing stock calendar app

    For me it would be much more convenient if it weren't for the early morning hours (0-7) in the week view of the calendar app, which i use the most. As i reckoned, there aren't many options to change the appearance of the app, but perhaps i am missing something. can i somehow change that so the represented hours are 8-23? and condense the table vertically so i don't have to scroll all the time? thank you very much.

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    Welcome to Windows EightForums, quaoquarx.

    There is a help page. Charms Bar > Settings > Help.

    Not quite sure what you mean, but if you click/tap on the menu dots (lower right corner), mouse right click on the calendar, or WinKey/Z key combo it will bring up the views menu bar at top and the app-specific command bar at the bottom. You will notice different view selections. There is a work week view you may be looking for. The app will always open in the view you close it with. Personally I use the “What’s next” view.

    There is also the app’s Charms Bar > Settings > Options. Settings there are limited.

    I don’t see any zoom options in the app. There may be in touch screens, though. Size may be acquired by monitor resolution setting, but my monitor is too old to support that.

    There are ways to make various types of calendars in your account at You may want to experiment with that.

    I hope that helps you.
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Customizing stock calendar app
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