I have windows 7 ultimate that had SkyDrive successfully working on xxx@hotmail.com. I wanted a new OneDrive at yyyy@live.com to sync with my Windows 8.1 OneDrive pc.

I uninstalled SkyDrive, download from the Onedrive.com the win 7 OneDrive installer.

When I run the installer I get to the Get Started dialog box. I click that button then get stuck on a blank white dialog box.

I terminate the installer and it shows a OneDrive under Favorites, but it's the xxxx@hotmail SkyDrive area when I upload to it.

From win 7 I can upload to onedrive.com at yyyy@live.com using FireFox and sync with my win 8 pc, but that does me no good for my win 8 pc or win 7 Explorer.