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    Software issues

    I downloaded a program from a Radio Shack CD to control a PRO-107 scanner. It seemed to work OK. Downloaded updates, etc. All went well. Removed the SD card from the scanner, put it in my reader slot and tried to download the information from the card. That seemed to work, but then the program froze. Couldn't close it, it would not respond to controls. Used Task Manager to shut it down. Then I tried to re-open the software, but Windows 8 said it was already running. I un-installed the software, the re-installed it. Windows 8 still says one copy is running so I cannot open it. Is there a way to clear this sort of misinformation from the system?

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    Hello wsmiyh, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    Usually restarting the computer will sort a running process that cannot be ended normally if you do not have it set to run at startup.

    Hope this helps,
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    I tried that. Shut down, removed battery, screamed at it. Deleted and re-installed the software twice. Pulled out what hair I have left. Nothing changed Finally did a system restore and am going to see if that will fix it. I am not a fan of what they are now calling the "NEW WINDOWS". Kinda like global warming becoming climate change, I guess.
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    "if you do not have it set to run at startup."

    Startup Items - Manage in Windows 8

    Look in your taskbar tray and see if there is something running. Or see if they put something in the startup directory. Some scanners run in the background and open when the scanner is activated or you tap on something in the tray.
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    Well, the reset did absolutely no good at all. I re-installed the software after the reset, and I still get the message that the software is running when it is NOT. By the way, this is a police radio type scanner as opposed to the other kind. I hate windows 8, and I have no idea what to do about this. I would be very happy if I could get someone to take 8 off and put 7 on.
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Software issues
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