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Automatic backups of my documents with skydrive?

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    Automatic backups of my documents with skydrive?

    Hi. I wonder if it is possible, if it is it has eluded me. If I move a file from my documents to skydrive it gets uploaded on microsofts server, but if I change the file in my documents folder is it possible to make skydrive upload the updated file online automatically without that I have to move the file to the skydrive folder myself?

    I know it is possible to change skydrives location to my documents folder but I don't wanna upload all my documents.

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    Office 2013 gives you the ability to save straight to skydive. So you can link your office 2013 to your skydive account and then save straight to it. So lets say you open a word document from your skydrive and you make some changes when you press save it will sync those changes to skydive for you. Also if the file is not already saved to skydive you click Save as and save it in your skydive account.

    You can see a promotional video from Microsoft around it here:

    SkyDrive and Office work together - SkyDrive

    Also around using skydive and your computer in conjunction:

    SkyDrive on the computer - SkyDrive

    Not sure if that helps, hopefully slightly clarifies things.

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    Hello Domak,

    The file would need to be saved to the SkyDrive folder to be synced (updated) at your online SkyDrive.

    If you have Windows 8.1, then you could make individual files and folders available offline or online to help make this easier.

    Hope this helps,
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Automatic backups of my documents with skydrive?
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