I am posting this because the information Amazon has is not correct or at least misleading and confusing. They have been alerted to the problem and may fix it in the future. (according to tech support, I just got off the phone with them)

The Problem: Amazon offers two different Kindle for PC apps one that reads Kindle books normally and one that is a plug in for text to speech ability - but they do not distinguish this by the file names, they use the same exact name for both.

If you go to Amazon to download the Kindle for PC app from the default link you get a file called KindleForPC-installer.exe and it is 36.3 megabytes.

That download page is here: Amazon Kindle for PC: Install Instructions

This will by itself NOT work with Microsoft Narrator. You need to download and install the version called, Kindle for PC with Accessibility Plug in (251 megabytes) - which is found at the bottom of This page here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html?docId=1000632481 under the section called, Reading on Kindle

You need BOTH of these programs installed for Narrator to work properly to read your Kindle books. Make sure you download each of these programs to a different location so Windows won't try to overwrite the file !!

Remember they use the same exact file name but are different applications. I suggest you RENAME them accordingly so you can find and or easily reinstall them in the future. The first app (36.3 mb's) is just the normal Kindle Reader itself so I renamed this to KindleReaderSetup.exe The second app (251 mb's) is the Kindle Accessibility Plug in which I renamed KindleAccessibilityPlugin.exe

First install the Kindle Reader and any books you want to read. ( Amazon has thousands of free kindle books you can download for free, most will have text to speech enabled for using Narrator)

Next install the Kindle Accessibility Plug in application. It will sync with the reader app and upgrade it to work with Narrator.

Lastly, open Narrator then open Kindle Reader. Open any Kindle book you have and hit Ctrl + R.

Now narrator will read the text of the book itself, not just the menu items !