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Sky News app & TV Catchup videos not working

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    Sky News app & TV Catchup videos not working

    Evening chaps (& chapesses),

    As per the above topic title, I don't appear to be able to get videos working direct from 8.1 metro apps.

    If I run videos/live streaming from within my browser everything works fine but from within metro, all I get is purple coloured dots going across the screen. I would assume that this could be a buffering issue but I might be wrong?

    All add-ons - flash/java & silverlight as far as I can tell are up-to-date. The most likely problems are:
    1. slow broadband (2 to 3 mbps) but from within the desktop, youtube etc works without any buffering issues.
    2. I have Avast installed and I did read about problems with TV-Catch Up and I did read about the anti-virus plug in causing sites not to work. I have disabled it from within Firefox but TvCatchUp works whether its on or off from within the desktop browser but no luck direct from the app.

    Out of ideas at the moment.

    ps everything worked fine from within Win 8 apps but not 8.1!

    Many thanks,

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    Can you screenshot a few pictures of what is showing up on screen when the errors occur, if you can? I'm curious to see what is happening.

    A fast way to take a screenshot is press FN + Windows Key + Printscreen, incase you didn't know.

    You'll find your screenshots in Pictures, inside a folder called Screenshots that windows automatically makes, unless you have a folder called that already in Pictures. In that case, the screenshot will be there numbered and named 'screenshot (1)' and so on.

    Sorry if you already know how to do that. Just in case you didn't.
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    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger version
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    Hi SuperMechaPizza,

    Easier to post the reply separately from the pictures. The big picture is TVCatchUp direct from the metro app. Hopefully the blue dots are visible going across the screen. The bottom left is the same for Sky News but may not show up.

    The bottom right is TVCatchUp working through the browser.

    Could this be Flash related as via the browser is asks for permission to run Flash followed by a loading screen as seen below.
    Click image for larger version

    Can't for the moment think of any other apps that could be installed to test if Flash works!

    Many thanks.
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Sky News app & TV Catchup videos not working
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