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Cannot backup from program running in compatibility mode

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    Cannot backup from program running in compatibility mode

    I've installed Quicken 2004 on Windows 8.1 in compatibility mode for Windows XP 3 to run as administrator. Everything seems to work well. All my data appears to have been restored including Home Inventory. I can download bank data.
    Automatic backup works. I tested this by changing the system date to trigger the backup.
    The infuriating thing is I cannot do a manual backup from the file menu. The dialogue box opens. I can complete the relevant fields but when I click OK the program freezes. There are no error messages.
    Not sure if this is a Windows issue e.g. permissions or Quicken issue e.g looking for a file that doesn't exist. I have checked the 'Ready for archive' box of the folders, sub-folders, and files property boxes.
    Are there any settings in Win 8.1 that I need to change to allow a program to write to a drive when it is running in compatibility mode for Windows XP 3 as administrator?

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    EDIT: I'm an idiot. I have no idea how I ended up replying to this topic when this post was meant for another one. Wow... just wow... I guess you now know how to do a back up in Windows 8.1 now though, am I right?

    Original Post:

    Are you looking for a way to create a full back up of your current state of Windows, including all your files and settings? If so, create a System Image instead.

    1. Press the Windows Key, and type Powershell.
    2. Right click Windows PowerShell, and select 'Run As Administrator'.
    3. Copy this
      wbAdmin start backup -backupTarget:X: -include:C: -allCritical -quiet
    4. Paste by right clicking into the Powershell window.
    5. Change the drive letter 'X' from what you copied to the driver you want to make a back up to.
    6. Press Enter/Return.

    And that's it! Let it run until it is done. It should also back up your recovery partition and other partitions on the same drive too.

    Here is how to use the backup image.

    1. Make sure the backup drive is connected.
    2. Press the Windows Key + C.
    3. Highlight and select Settings.
    4. Select Change PC settings.
    5. Select Update and recovery.
    6. Select Recovery.
    7. Select Advanced start-up which will reboot your PC.
    8. From this menu, select Troubleshooting.
    9. Select Advanced options.
    10. Select System Image Recovery.

    After this, just follow the on screen steps. It's pretty easy. It should automatically detect the image folder from the drive.

    If you would rather use disks as a recovery method, I can't help you there sorry. I know how to do it, but I'd have to re-learn using a back up program in order to give you specific instructions. I don't think the PowerShell method I gave you would allow you to use disks as a back up? You can try. I haven't.
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    Thanks for reply. Not much different from some of the replies I've had on other forums.

    You can give yourself a star for answering the question I've had for a while and not yet posted to a forum. That's anticipation!
    Now I know how to back up and what Powershell can be used for.

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    I wish I could help though.

    I had a little look into what you were talking about, and learned more about the app. It looks like the app is just too out of date to run properly on Windows 8.1.

    I do have an idea though, knowing little about what dependences this app might need to run it's a shot in the dark though.

    Have you got any Microsoft Visual C++ apps installed at all? Perhaps there is another app required for the app to run properly.

    I don't think that Visual C++ is related, but I guess you could look them up and install them if you don't have them and see what happens?

    Just make sure you install the right versions for your computer, if it is a 32bit PC or a 64bit PC.

    You'll want to get the 2008 ones and the 2010 ones too.

    There are other ones like a 2005 one, but I doubt they are relevant any more.
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    Although quicken 2004 is old it is known to work in windows 7 and 8. It seems that for some of us when we upgrade to 8.1 we get the issue described in this thread. Could this really be a C++ issue?
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    I have now resolved this issue and backup is working as expected. I tried several alternatives switching compatibility modes, re-installing without effect. In the end what worked for me was running Quicken normally without compatibility mode and without 'run as administrator'.

    Thanks to all who answered my original question.
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Cannot backup from program running in compatibility mode
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