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Excel 2013 Help needed with a Conditional Format

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    Excel 2013 Help needed with a Conditional Format

    Maybe this can't be done.

    Column D is my bank balance and I don't want everyone seeing it. Especially my wife who tends to spend more at the store if she sees it while I figure how much she can spend.

    What I'm trying to do is to keep only the last 4 digits visible. 549.67 would only show 549.67 until I drag the mouse over it with left button down.

    My wife only has one allergy. Money

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    Is this anywhere close?

    font color=Automatic
    =If>4 digits(left digits=White)

    or smaybe something like
    font color=White(last 4 digits=Automatic) ?
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    It's important that this acct shows a balance of $9.99 max even if there is $99999.99 in it.

    This lame solution works in way but not really the method I'm looking for. Column D is Balance.
    I filled in cells A1:d1 with med blue
    Made font in column D White
    Except for D1 which font is light blue
    D1=D* (whatever the last Balance is) shows lightly

    Why does A1: D1 without a space produce A11?
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    Possible or Impossible ? To show the last 4 places of a cell's number in a different color.Click image for larger version
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    Click image for larger version
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    Is this solution acceptable ? You hide the column that shows your real bank balance. Let's say that column is AK. You have another column which pretends to be your bank balance. Let's say that column is AD. In each cell in column AD you have a formula such as .... =RIGHT($AK1,4). The number 1 in this example refers to the line of the first entry in the AK column and the number 4 refers to the figures to be shown (which includes the decimal point). Obviously the next entry below will be ... =RIGHT($AK2,4) and so on.
    Maybe you even then password protect your spreadsheet so the hidden column can't be revealed.

    I'm no expert but managed to get it working satisfactorily.
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    =RIGHT($AK1,4) That's the ticket and it's so simple.

    Thank you for the formula and simple explanation. I understand it but ... it was beyond me.

    Thank you
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Excel 2013 Help needed with a Conditional Format
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