Newbie post here - I have recent build Windows 8.1 /64 install, that is up and running fine except one weird thing - the Sniping Tool is broken. When I try to use it, it opens &looks fine, but when I press 'New' to start the snip, the whole screen turns weirdly inverted colors, and any snip I make is in these bizarrely psychedelic colors.

This would not be a big deal, except I use the tool a lot in everyday work. I tried downloading other Sniping tools, and they all give the same result, which I guess means its not the sniping tool itself, but something in the system/display drivers? or... any ideas?

I've used Scannow, and that's all clear, am on latest AMD video card drivers, which I uninstalled (thoroughly) and re-installed. No difference. Not sure what else to try. I really don't want to do a clean install for this little issue, but would love to get it fixed!